Center for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)

Based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada CEMI helps advance commercially viable innovations to improve the safety, productivity, and environmental performance of mines. CEMI helps mining companies achieve better social and operational performance for a faster rate of return.

We advance innovations to:

·       Find more ore

·       Mine ore more effectively and safel

·       Generate more value from mines

·       Get a more benign impact on the environment

Established in 2007, CEMI’s mandate is to accelerate step-change innovation by introducing new practices, procedures, tools, techniques and technologies to help generate a significant improvement in the performance of mines.

Solutions presented at the conference:


iRing Inc. is a global leader in the development of underground drill & blast planning software that helps a mine improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Since 2003, the experts at iRing have been solely dedicated to the pursuit of optimizing underground drilling and blasting operations.
iRing - Creators of Aegis, an underground drill & blast planning software that helps a mine improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

Lost dutchman Solutions

Lost Dutchman Ltd has developed a mine ore concentration technology that is capable of concentrating metal ores without the use of water or chemicals. The technology is capable of concentrating gold, silver, copper, tungsten, and many other heavy metal ores and does so in a manner that benefits mine sustainability goals and values

Cold block

ColdBlock (TM) manufactures sample digestion technology and accessories to optimize laboratory efficiency, productivity and safety.


Nano filtration

Precision Periodic - Precision Periodic has developed a proprietary nano-filtration for extracting and separating multiple elements, in one process, out of acidic liquids.



Charles Nyabeze

Charles Nyabeze

Vice President of Business Development and Commercialization


Charles holds a Bachelor of Mining Engineering and a Masters in Business and Administration (MBA). As the VP of Business Development and Commercialization for the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, Charles endeavours to create long-term value (commercialization, revenue generation, leveraging funds, networking, collaboration) for organizations and clients, identifying business development opportunities with both the public and private client segments. Charles leads CEMI’s Commercialization Support Services division. He is responsible for identifying and securing opportunities to help clients close the commercialization gap associated with introducing new technologies into the mining value stream. His role also includes leading in proposal development initiatives, securing global partnerships, and participating in program or project initiatives. Charles also works to advance the overall organizational strategic objectives. Currently, Charles is leading CEMI in delivering Commercialization Support Services for the Canadian Mineral Processing Ecosystem via Crush It! and leading in the development of the Commercialization Support Services for the proposed national Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) Network.