RATEK Group of Companies (founded in 1991) suggests:

  • Development and integration of neutron analyzers for explosives detection, regardless of the forms and measures for their camouflaging. These devices are intended for usage in transport facilities and places of mass gathering
  • Development and integration of radioactive substance detection unit with the ability of isotope identification
  • Creation and integration of new industrial technologic solutions to control elemental composition of substances on the base of on-stream neutron analyzers (cement production, control of coal, oil, ores).

Solutions presented at the conference:

On-stream neutron analyzers for determination of elemental composition of substances

RATEK Group of Companies suggests on-stream neutron analyzers, which can be used to determine elemental composition of substances at any stage of a production cycle in the real-time mode without sample preparation. This solution helps to automate the process control in mining operations, ore, coal, and oil processing, other production activities. Application of neutron analyzers allows to create automated industrial control systems (digital factories), which can be implemented in mining and metal industries. Such digital factories can be established via introduction of on-stream neutron analyzers at key stages of a technological cycle, as well as embedding of data processing and data management modules depending on the particular step of the raw material treatment stage.
Physical Principle: Neutron analyzer irradiates raw material with neutron flux in real-time mode, then registers the appeared secondary gamma radiation; then the system builds and analyzes energy spectrum of elements, comprising the whole bulk of raw material. Each element fills its own unique place in the spectrum. The vast practical experience of the RATEL team makes a good support for creating neutron irradiation analyzers, capable to resolve various tasks, such as detection of explosives, raw material control for cement production, etc.
The analyzers are already applied in the industry.

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Andrey Vishnevkin

Andrey Vishnevkin

RATEK Lab, Skolkovo resident
Andrey Vishnevkin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, graduated from Saint-Petersburg University (Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management Processes); Andrey has vast experience in development and introduction of advanced scientific-based innovations to the Russian and global markets.

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Date: 18.02.2021
Time: 11:10 - 11:20 (GMT +3.00)

Ratec Lab. On-stream neutron analyzers for determination of elemental composition of substances