Solutions presented at the conference:

ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+):The software is designed to organize efficient supply chains. It is a useful tool for companies, which face high demand volatility, handle problems of distribution, and work with multicomponent product lines.

SO99+ includes several Modules:

  • Demand Planning and Sensing automates optimization of sales plans, works with short-term demand signals, including influence of promotion events and other external factors, which ensure more accurate forecasts.
  • Inventory Optimization provides for optimal inventory levels for each portfolio’s item at each stage of the supply chain, finding the perfect balance between several tiers, locations, and specification levels.
  • Replenishment dynamically creates offers to replenish inventory, ensuring the predesigned service level. It also defines requirements to the production and other processes, prior to supply.

General Principles. The software is based on the embedded algorithms of machine learning to enhance business efficiency. The process is split into several stages:

  • At the basic level, the software acquires demand insights on a daily bases and then uses  probabilistic simulation, including:
    • self-adapting statistical forecast and stochastic prognosis
    • trends, seasonal patterns, calendars, daily sales patterns
  • ML-engine is used then for demand generation, in particular, to handle the following tasks: 
    • Evaluation of efficiency of an event, promotion action, and price setting
    • Launching of a product
    • Outside control /monitoring
  • The top level involves planning and embraces market studies, special offers, actions, and events.

Technology. The SO99+ solution is developed using the Microsoft Azure technologies, such as Microsoft Azure, SQL PaaS, Azure ML, Azure Services, Power BI. It is integrated with Dynamics 365 and other data sources (Azure Data Lake / Azure Data Factory). 

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