OOO MST is a research production company with 17 years in developing and manufacturing of mineral and polymer binding materials. The produced materials are applied in supports of mine walls, for structural and non-structural repair of buildings, improvement of efficiency of drilling and blasting operations, prevention and extinguishing of spontaneous fire in coal mines. The vast experience of development and production allows us to provide our customers with high-quality materials, designed to meet the specific on-site conditions, which ensures technology and economic efficiency of their application.

Solutions presented at the conference:

Application of the ShotRock shotcrete mix for efficient support of walls in mines under various mining and geological conditions.

The field exploitation operations are performed under different mining and geological conditions. Mineworkers can face different issues, such as irregular rigidity of rocks, presence of fluid influx into mine workings, presence of corrosive impurities in water, which damage supports. The ShotRock shotcrete mix is provided with customized properties, which are designed for support system of particular mines, so this ensures high technical efficiency and cost-effectiveness of wall supports.

Применение смеси для торкретирования ShotRock 350 (MST) при реконструкции железнодорожного тоннеля


Improvement of the drilling and blasting efficiency by means of SPB mineral sealing infill

Drilling and blasting efficiency is a key performance indicator of a mine. Application of SPB mineral sealing infill provides for increasing drifting rate, reducing powder factor, improving blasthole efficiency ratio, prevention of support damages. 

Применение забойки минеральной уплотняющейся SBP для повышения эффективности буровзрывных работ



Nikita Orlov

Nikita Orlov

Director, MST

Nikita Orlov was born on February 06, 1983, in Kemerovo. In 2005, he graduated with honors from Kuzbass State Technical University. In 2007, he participated in the further training in Process Engineering of Dry Mix Mortar Production at Academy of State Constructions of Russia. In 2017, Nikita received training within the Program of Training of Management Personnel for the National Economy of the Russian Federation with further internship in Germany. In 2019, he took the professional development program “Creation and Development of Management Teams to Provide Social and Economic Development of Kemerovo Oblast” at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. He has been working at MST since it was founded in 2004, having changed several different positions. In 2010, he became the head of the enterprise. 
Married, with 3 children.