MineSense is a Canadian company with commercial operations in North and South America, is a pioneer in digital mining solutions, providing real-time, sensor-based ore sorting and data analytics for mines.  With a fast, scalable, and robust mineral sensing platform, the system provides precise grade control and ore routing decisions at the point of extraction, maximizing resource conversion and metal recovery.  MineSense creates transformational value, by supporting sustainable performance in the reduction of water, energy and reagent use, while increasing revenue. 

Solutions presented at the conference:

3D visualizations of the ore body visibility of ShovelSense/Sholversense

ShovelSense Systems are installed on all mobile equipment typically used either on the surface or underground – cable shovels, front end loaders, excavators and scoops/LHDs.
The System is designed for extreme environment conditions to be easily retrofittable on any existing mobile equipment; it can be both installed and maintained during regular mine maintenance schedules. The System comes equipped with an HMI (human machine interface) that provides the operator with full information, including the ore type, within each dig cycle. The System also can connect directly to fleet management or other existing control software systems.
The main application of ShovelSense is at the open pit dig face or underground hauling point. It is equally effective working in stockpiles and in blending where mobile equipment is used.


Jeff More

Jeff More

President & CEO

Jeff More is a seasoned CEO with a particular focus on intensive growth mandates.  With an MBA, as well as a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering & Management from McMaster University, his experience spans a diverse set of industries, including environmental services, electronics recycling, telecommunications, robotics and engineered materials.

As President & Chief Executive Officer, Jeff is responsible for the strategic and overall leadership of MineSense Technologies.  His primary mandate is to bring to market the company’s disruptive, value-creating technology.  This has included raising over $74M in three oversubscribed equity rounds and winning the company’s first commercial contract.

A company builder with a proven track record in both large companies and entrepreneurial environments, Jeff brings broad functional expertise in business development, marketing strategy, operational efficiency and M&A to MineSense.  This is coupled with extensive expertise in global markets, including China, India, Japan, South America, and Africa.  

As a demonstrated team builder and values-driven leader, Jeff holds a breadth of industry knowledge and enthusiasm for innovation, which he dedicates to building successful organizations and championing new technology.