Infosystems Jet

Infosystems Jet

Infosystems Jet is an IT company, which has been in the system integration business for 30 years. It is a reliable technological partner of the largest Russian companies, which develops complex digital project together with them. Computer-Assisted Instruction Center is a team of professionals, assisting in optimizing of technological and business processes of customers in different industries. We provide the full range of services from development of the digital transformation strategy to implementation and integration of applications on the base of machine learning technologies. Our experts work with different types of data: time series, images, video streams, structured data, and texts.

Solutions presented at the conference:

The Smelter Assistant intelligent decision-making support system

The Smelter Assistant intelligent decision-making support system is an AI-based unified platform, dedicated to help those who make decisions under difficult conditions; in particular, the system is used to predict chemical composition of melt heats by steel grades. The system informs on exceeding target values of chemical composition of heats and predicts performance parameters at several stages, providing information, which is required for steelworkers to make a decision on changing the heat composition independently.


Evgeny Kolesnikov

Evgeny Kolesnikov

Director of the Machine Learning Center, Infosystems Jet

Evgeny dedicates his work to introduction of new disruptive technologies and companies (startups, large enterprises). Apart from his core work, he teaches and creates training courses.

From 2006, he managed startups, product launches, and transformation of new products into successful businesses (LIFE PAY, etc.). 
Since 2015, he works in Infosystems Jet, and now he holds the position of Director of the Machine Learning Center. His central focus in the company is development of program solutions based on machine learning methods.  Evgeny has worked through and introduced integrated implementation strategy of the AI/ML conveyor for 3 customers, led more than 50 AI / ML projects and pilots to the production level and business result.

  • Broad experience in implementation of large IT projects on machine learning
  • Organizer of the annual conference in AI technologies (RAIF);
  • Author of a number of articles about machine learning and application of this technology in large business
  • Winner of different competitions and hackathons in machine learning

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