Minerva Intelligence

Minerva Intelligence

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Minerva Intelligence Inc. is a knowledge engineering company based in Vancouver, Canada, with a subsidiary office in Darmstadt, Germany. Our proprietary evidence-based decision-making software is bringing the benefits of artificial intelligence technology to industries dependent on reasoning with complex technical and scientific data. 

Our proprietary cognitive AI combines machine intelligence with human intelligence to reason with information that humans find overwhelming, while providing the explanations needed to trust the results.

Minerva’s applications currently focus on earth science-related domains including natural hazards and mineral exploration; however, our technology has application in diverse industries and domains.

Solutions presented at the conference:

AI-powered platform for improved drilling and exploration

Minerva Intelligence’s solution, DRIVER, takes advantage of modern computer processing power to generate thousands of different anisotropic interpolations from multi-element drill data. Our cognitive AI engine then compares these relationships to worldwide mines and mineral deposit models similar to the deposit or target under evaluation. Insights gained from DRIVER can materially aid exploration, geometallurgical and environmental studies, and may sometimes even assist with assessing physical rock properties, useful for mine planning.


Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson

Presenting on DRIVER will be Minerva’s resident DRIVER expert, Alexander Wilson, PhD.

Alex is a geoscientist with diverse experience in academia and industry. He specializes in numerical and geostatistical modelling as well as field mapping, lithofacies analysis and GIS. Alex’s career began in iron ore exploration in Western Australia, and before joining Minerva in 2020 he worked in a variety of porphyry exploration geology roles, natural hazard assessment roles, and completed a PhD in Volcanology at the University of British Columbia.