technology company based in India, produces VR applications for immersive training, equipment maintenance, and video surveillance. It aims to help enterprise customers craft innovative Extended Reality (XR) solutions that are designed to reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity and improve customer experience. We use AI technologies like computer vision and predictive analytics.

Solutions presented at the conference:

Innovative gamified Virtual Reality powered training platform
Innovative gamified Virtual Reality powered training platform to vastly improve safety training for hazardous environments and technical training for complex operations.
Virtual Reality Industrial SOP training



Satwik Kommabhatla

Satwik Kommabhatla

Satwik Kommabhatla, Co-Founder and Director of Extended Reality at E3IQ(www.e3iq.com) an enterprise immersive tech startup. He previously held positions at organizations including Tata Consultancy Services and Electronic Arts.

He brings over 6 years of experience in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality to build and deliver XR projects. He can play a vital role in making key decisions in selecting the right technology stack for B2B and B2C XR applications and committed to helping customers start the adoption of XR and get ahead with generating revenue & cost-cutting.

Under his leadership, his team is building next-gen XR experiences for a wide range of Head-Mounted Displays available in the market. He manages a portfolio of XR products and services that are robust and driven by AI.

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Date: 18.02.2021
Time: 10:50 - 11:00 (GMT +3.00)

E3IQ. Innovative gamified Virtual Reality powered training platform