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2Censor Pty Ltd Australia based technology company.
Provide monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for remote industrial assets to improve efficiency and productivity.
2Censor provides continuous and automated monitoring of abrasive wear.  In slurry pipe segments, pipelines chutes and bins. Using electronic telemetry with customised sensing probes and analysis software

Solutions presented at the conference:

IIOT wireless remote monitoring system to detects early stage equipment wear

This cutting-edge IIOT wireless remote monitoring system detects early stage wear. It enables mining companies to preemptively fix weak points in pipes, chutes and storage bins and avoid more costly intensive repairs and accidents later

2Censor - Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for Plant Assets



Corey Vaughan

Corey Vaughan

Managing Director - Founder
Responsibility- business leadership and client relationships
20 x years in business.  Mining Process Plant Maintenance. Core work in pipe abrasive resistant manufacturing.  

Developed the abrasive wear monitoring system working with key clients in Australia.  Identifying the need to keep assets running and prevent unplanned outages. Safety, Cost and Environmental Benefits.  

2Censor now represented in multiple countries around the world.  

Speaker takes part in

Date: 18.02.2021
Time: 10:30 - 10:40 (GMT +3.00)

2 Censor. IIOT wireless remote monitoring system to detects early stage equipment wear