Precognize is an industrial IoT software company that seeks to facilitate zero unplanned downtime. Precognize's cloud-based big data software solution predicts shutdowns, leakages, and inefficient operation of complex industrial systems via deep analysis of existing data.
The company is focused on the petrochemical, chemical, electricity generation, metallurgy, and oil and gas industries. Precognize can work with any type of equipment.

Solutions presented at the conference:

AI-based predictive maintenance as a service

Predicting when a part or machine needs to be maintained or replaced allows process engineers to plan more effectively and keep the plant running smoothly.
SAM GUARD Predictive Maintenance uses human-enhanced machine learning to track the data from your plant, to predict wear and tear on your equipment (static & rotating) and parts that can lead to failures.
By alerting you early to parts or machines that require maintenance or repair, maintenance engineers can streamline your maintenance schedule for greater savings and efficiency, and improve your plant’s uptime.


Dror Bomsztayn

Dror Bomsztayn

Dror has a vast experience as Director of Sales, Sales Executive and in international and domestic B2B SaaS Sales, alongside opening new markets and opportunities as Business Development Manager.  Having experience in both, startups and big companies, Dror is an expert in leading the full sales cycle, from lead generation (including Pre-Sale), to deal closure and ongoing account management. He is highly capable of tying loose ends, within the organization as well as with different stake-holders, 
Dror owns a deep technological understanding, simplifying complex technological solutions to comprehensive demos and presentations. 

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Date: 18.02.2021
Time: 10:30 - 10:40 (GMT +3.00)

Precognize. AI-based predictive maintenance as a service

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