We enhance productivity of metallurgical production up to 2 % by implementing the SMART LR digital lining for thermal generating units.
The SMART LR technology of digital lining is based on the unique algorithms of managing the lining processes with the help of robotic automation, automated vision, and big data management.
The technology is patented and is unrivalled globally.
SMART LR is used for converters, ladles, AC-EAF and allows to avoid human factor when performing lining works. This cuts the stand-by time of thermal generating units, provides for consistent quality and helps to exclude injuries completely. 
Following the results of the SMART LR application, the total economic impact makes 800 million rubles per year.

Solutions presented at the conference:

SMART LR digital lining technology for thermal generating units for application at smelters and cement enterprises

Innovative technology of automated protection of thermal generating units (such as converters, ladles, AC-EAFs, cement furnaces, etc.) with refractory materials without HUMAN involvement. This technology can entirely substitute the traditional manual operations.
The SMART LR technology is an ensemble of digital controls (a set of unique algorithms and dedicated software) with a complex of processing equipment: robotic manipulators, machine vision, AI, transporting systems, and IIoT.
We can exemplify its operation with the process of lining a steel-teeming ladle (in a simple form):
Before starting, refractories are loaded into the storage area, and the ladle is placed to the repair zone. By operator command, the SMART LR digital control system starts the automated cycle:
- the equipment takes up the starting position
- inner surface get scanned and its 3D model is developed; then the system adjusts the obtained 3D model with allowance for actual deformations;
- refractories are continuously fed into the repair zone, their precise positioning is performed by the primary robotic manipulator and with the help of machine vision in accordance with the adjusted 3D model. The feeding-installation cycle continues until the lining is completed.
All operations are documented, and the obtained data is processed with AI to optimize time, enhance efficiency, and improve lining process quality.
Finishing the cycle, the SMART LR performs self-check, and the processing equipment returns to the landing zone.


Yuri Tarasov

Yuri Tarasov

General Director, Founder, INNOVOTECH OOO
Expert in IT and digital transformation for B2B companies
20+ years of success in large international companies, such as JSC Zarubezhneft, OAO Belon, Sukhoi AIMK as CIO, CFO, and CEO.
During that time, he successfully implemented more than 50 large-scale IT-projects and 30 business-cases on optimization and productivity enhancement with the total economic impact of more than 9 billion rubles.

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Date: 18.02.2021
Time: 11:20 - 11:30 (GMT +3.00)

Innovotech. SMART LR digital lining technology for thermal generating units for application at smelters and cement enterprises

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