NPP Sensing Technologies LLC

NPP Sensing Technologies LLC

NPP Sensing Technologies LLC produces equipment under SIGMA trademark for universal communication system for mines, open-pit mines, and other hazardous production facilities. It incorporates all necessary equipment and software to implement the functions of mobile facility locating/zoning, mobile facility voice communication, mobile air and gas monitoring, mobile and stationary facilities telemetry, personnel access and location control at the facilities, time tracking, personnel activity and physical condition monitoring, video communication and other services.
The system is built upon the modern principles and new hardware components, giving it the edge over the competitors. Our main advantages: low power consumption (at least 2–3 times lower that the competitors’), small size and weight (easy to install), topology flexibility (linear, circular, tree-type in any combination), the network is easy to deploy and easy to migrate and reconfigure, digital data and voice transmission format (no interference, easy to add new services), any cable types are admitted (including the already laid ones), up-to-date process monitoring and visualization software, etc. These advantages allow us to decrease capital and operating expenses while increasing provision of the mines and open-pit mines with up-to-date communications.
SIGMA system has all necessary certificates of the Customs Union for RN (standard mining version), RO (enhanced explosion-proof version), and RV (explosion-proof version) systems, which permit their use at the facilities of any hazard, complexity, and operation level. All equipment is produced in the Russian Federation. NPP Sensing Technologies LLC possesses necessary experience in developing design options, installation and commissioning of such systems.

Solutions presented at the conference:

Connected Mine project (network equipment and application package for dangerous and industrial facilities)


Andrey Vladimirovich Shirokov

Andrey Vladimirovich Shirokov

A professional manager possessing vast first-hand experience in business development, company and personnel management
Personal Information
55 years old
Married, 2 adult daughters
Hobbies: hunting, fishing, traveling, music, cars, pottery, and smithery.
Foreign Language Proficiency: German — Fluent, English — Basic
Education: Higher, Higher Military, MBA
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics
1982–1987 — Application Programmer

F.E. Dzerzhinsky Military Academy
1987–1989 — Applied Mathematician

Higher School of Economics
2001–2004 — Master of Business Administration

Work Experience
Military Unit 01168
September 1989 to September 1993 — Junior Research Associate
Implementing local area network for the administration of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense. Creating email exchange software.
Firma Dialog-Seti CJSC
September 1993 to June 2005 – from a LAN engineer to a Deputy CEO
Managing 150 people. Creating and developing new business areas. Participated in large-scale projects: federal ATM network for Megafon, communication network for MTS-Kavkaz, communication grid for Tele2 (15 regions), outfitting Sberbank branches with Wi-Fi network (Moscow and Moscow Region), communication network for SMARTS, etc.
New Systems Telecom LLC
June 2005 to 2019 — CEO
Company management and development.
Wi-Fi network establishment at 89 railway terminals for Russian Railways. SDH STM-16 network in Volga Region and in southern Russia for Megafon, Wi-Fi networks for Rostelecom (Macroregional Division — Volga Region, Macroregional Division — South), DWDM network for Akado Telecom, and for a number of Sberbank regional branches. DWDM-IP core network to provide communication services to Olympic facilities, communication network upgrade for several Regional Dispatching Offices of SO UPS, etc.

NPP Sensing Technologies LLC
December 2017 to the present time — CEO
SIGMA network equipment and software development, mass production and implementation to provide communication services to gaseous and dusty mines. Communication network at IletskSol mine; personnel locating and emergency warning, and voice communication network at Yubileynaya and Uvalnaya mines; equipment development for spark-proof CCTV systems, etc.
The Most Fast-Growing Partner Company of Alcatel-Lucent — 2005.

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Date: 17.02.2021
Time: 11:40 - 11:50 (GMT +3.00)

NPP Sensing Technologies. Connected Mine project (network equipment and application package for dangerous and industrial facilities)

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