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Using cookie files

To make your work with the Website more efficient and simpler, the cookie files are used. They are tiny files which are stored in the hard disc of your computer or memory of your mobile device (telephone or tablet) and which are necessary for using the Website. The cookie files in use do not store or gather any personal information in any way.

This Website uses cookie files with the following purposes:

Optimization of the Website.

Cookies allow the Owner of the Website to identify specifics of the site usage in order to enhance its attractiveness, improve its content and functions. For example, cookies retrieve information what pages of the Website are visited, and which of them are most popular, what information is most interesting for visitors of the Website. In particular, they provide for tracking number of visits to a webpage, amount of pages viewed, time spent on a webpage of the site, and also the sequence of the site’s pages visiting.

A website might also use cookies to find what search engines have brought you to the Website, the country, region, and if necessary the city, where the Website was assessed from, what browser and language were used and how many mobile devices were employed to provide access to the Website.  IP-addresses of your computer are sent automatically and stored entirely anonymous. IP-address cannot be used to track your personality.

Delete and Manage Cookies 

Most Internet browsers are configured to receive cookies automatically by default. You can change this configuration so that cookies will be locked in the hard disc of your computer (memory of your mobile device) or that you will see a warning message when cookies are sent to the hard disc (or memory of the mobile device).

You can remove the downloaded from this Website cookie files at any moment. More details can be found in the settings of the Internet browser you use. Usually, the cookie controls are located in the Settings, Options, or Preferences menus of a browser.

Using Yandex.Metrika

This website engages the Yandex.Metrika tools to analyze the Website usage history. Yandex.Metrika generates statistics and other data on the site usage with the help of cookies stored in the computers of users. The information generated in relation with our Website is used to create reports on the Website utilization.

Yandex stores and employs this information over the period, set by the internal procedures of services and by the Russian laws, depending on the cookie type. Yandex Privacy Policy.