Catalogue of innovative technological solutions from vendors

Sustainable Mining by Drilling – a revolutionary selective mining technology
Vmx Dequs
Vmx Qualex
Vmx MarkerID
Integrated System for Occupational Safety
Connected Mine project (network equipment and application package for dangerous and industrial facilities)
SMART LR digital lining technology for thermal generating units for application at smelters and cement enterprises
AI-based predictive maintenance as a service
Intelligent control platform for production assets on the base of hybrid analysis
Detection and monitoring of production facilities. Estimation and identification of ore content in a core sample, core fracturing character determination, and core integrity control
The new Workforce who might join mining need to see it as a modern environment and our platform represents a tool they use in their every day lives. From there jumping into the idea of the connected mine for just a couple of slides. A quick overview of our work with Liebherr and value drivers.
RealTrac is the tool to ensure personnel safety, to provide optimization of business processes, and to improve the enterprise efficiency.
IIOT wireless remote monitoring system to detects early stage equipment wear
Advanced machine control system; remote personnel management on the site
Remote digital inspection services for land, sea and air
Innovative solution for mining tailings management
Innovative gamified Virtual Reality powered training platform
Innovative SaaS solution, which gathers data from frontline workers, enterprise systems and IoT devices, and then employs AI software to initiate safety interventions in real-time.
A safer, faster, smarter way to do teamwork.
Novel digital platform that improves the productivity and safety of field operations
SaaS platform for financially modelling mining projects
AI-powered machine vision platform for worker safety
Advanced AI-based predictive maintenance reducing failures & lost production, whilst increasing throughput
AI-powered platform for improved drilling and exploration
Comprehensive platform for rapidly developing and operating enterprise AI applications
Virtual-reality mining site experience platform
Advanced AI-based predictive maintenance reducing failures & lost production, whilst increasing throughput
Innovative platform to improve sustainability practices and engagement
System of automated control over the industrial safety VizorLabs Health & Safety
System of automated monitoring for mining conveyor belt condition
The Smelter Assistant intelligent decision-making support system
Real-Time Intelligence from Liquid Metals
Precise localization & mapping for operational safety and productivity
Predictive Quality and Yield Solution
3D visualizations of the ore body visibility of ShovelSense/Sholversense
Application of the ShotRock shotcrete mix for efficient support of walls in mines under various mining and geological conditions.
Improvement of the drilling and blasting efficiency by means of SPB mineral sealing infill
Оптимизация расхода ферросплавов
Интеллектуальная система мониторинга и контроля агрегата печь-ковш
Piklema Predictive Products
Skyeer – online-platform
ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+):The software is designed to organize efficient supply chains. It is a useful tool for companies, which face high demand volatility, handle problems of distribution, and work with multicomponent product lines.
Conundrum Platform
On-stream neutron analyzers for determination of elemental composition of substances
Connected Worker: цифровые решения для управления производственной безопасностью и повышения производительности труда.
CPS Movement Control System
Lost dutchman Solutions
Cold block
Nano filtration